About Us

Here is a bit more information about us at Concita

You’ve seen the words on many an advert:-

Fast Delivery
Low Prices
No Quibble Warranty
Etc. etc.etc.
Many times these are just that. Words with little meaning. Nearly everyone uses them as standard on their adverts.

What about us?

Concita uses similar words but we try to make them mean something. Repeat business is our bloodline and we wont get too many repeat orders if we don’t mean what we say.

We do make mistakes but not often, we sort them out and learn from them.

Stationery is our business and we have been going since 1979, initially on computer consumables (which we know well) before expanding to a full range of stationery and furniture about fifteen years ago. We think we know what we are doing and would appreciate the opportunity to bid for your stationery order. It will cost you nothing and you only have an upside. If our prices are better than the ones you have – you win. If they are not – you are already winning!

You can place an order or get a quote by phone, fax, email, over the web or from our shop. All the information is shown below.

Concita Ltd
19 Leeming road
Herts WD6 4EB
Phone – 0800 6120876
Fax – 0800 592373
Email – sales@concita.com

You’ll soon be able to meet everyone behind the scenes at Concita on our new ‘meet the team’ page which will be finished very shortly!