5 Ways to Help your Printers Live Longer (and better) Lives

Printers are a costly business!

So with that in mind, we’ve put together some quick advise about how you can maintain your printers to save you money in the long run. Postponing any panic over buying a new one!

Keep it Clean

If it’s not caused by a low ink level, poor print outs usually mean that cleaning is needed. You can prevent clogged-up inkjet printers by doing at least one print a week. This helps reduce the chances of the ink drying up in the cartridge and you wasting your money buying a new one. Laser printers will have options in their setting to run a cleaning cycle.

Choose the Right Paper

Poor quality is noticeable. There is a huge range of good quality paper out there for every budget, you will find an instant difference!

Help your Printers!

Get Rid of the Dust

A build-up of dust can cause paper jams (which are always fun) and smudged print-outs. This is easily reduced by the use of a dust-cover, and you can wipe clean many parts of the printer yourself (be careful with this and double check with your manufacturer which parts you can manually clean – they are all different). Try not to use the air-sprays as you’ll just be moving the dust around and not actually removing it.

Choose your Cartridges Wisely

We love remanufactured, compatible AND original cartridges equally. Different ones suit difference people. However, when buying remanufactured or compatible cartridges, find out as much as you can about the quality before your buy. Look for reviews. Does the seller guarantee a refund or replacement if they go wrong (by the way, we do!)? Cheap, dodgy cartridges can mess up your printer and your prints.

Buy a Maintenance Kit

Aimed at those with laser printers, these kits can include various products, depending on the brand and model. Often included in them are cleaning supplies and easy-to-change printer parts that are the cause of irritating problems when they get old (such as paper jams). Your control panel will normally display a maintenance message, suggesting it needs a replacement.


It’s easy to get annoyed with a printer that doesn’t want to comply (going back to those paper jams….) but if you’re faced with an error message, take a look in the printer manual and it’s likely you’ll find a way to solve your problem quickly without damaging the rest of the printer or causing future problems!

Got any other tips? Drop us an email to ann@concita.com to tell us, and we may add it to our next post!