Recycle Toners with Concita Ltd


Recycle your ink and toner

Recycle your ink and toner

From January 2013 we have offered a FREE recycling service for all your used ink and toner cartridges. Whether they are from copiers, lasers, faxes or inkjets once the cartridges is empty…we’ll recycle it for you!

How does it work?

  • You call us on 020 8905 1707 and say you would like a recycling bin
  • We take your details and arrange for a cardboard bin to be sent to you within 5 days.
  • You recieve the bin (take a few minutes making it up!) and fill it with cartridges as they empty
  • You call us 020 8905 1707 when the bin is full and we will have it swapped for a new empty bin within 4 days.

How much does it cost?


Can i recycle cameras and batteries in there too?


Sorry, but this bin must only contain inks, toners and drum units. Batteries and Cameras must be recycled another way but Concita Ltd doesnt yet offer this.

What information will you need from us?

School name and address, Contact name, Phone number and Email address. You can request a bin by email too at