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Thank you to everyone who participated in our pancake picture competition this week!

We have selected the top ten pictures and the winners below will all receive a box of Thorntons Continental Chocolates within the next week! 🙂

Rhino School Exercise Books are back!


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It’s that time of year again!

Teachers counting left over stocks, excel spreadsheets being filled out and emailed from department to admin…Quotes being gotten from various suppliers and order sheets being completed!

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Maybe we can help?

Many of our customers were pleased to know we added Rhino School Exercise Books to our catalogue 3 years ago – and it worked well!

Why not add us to your quote list (if you haven’t already done so) and let us quote. You may be pleasantly surprised at our prices and you know you’re getting a good product because it’s the well known Rhino brand!

Rhino School Exercise Books

View our full brochure on our Exercise Book Page or call us on 0800 612 0876 for a quote!




5 Ways to Help your Printers Live Longer (and better) Lives

Printers are a costly business!

So with that in mind, we’ve put together some quick advise about how you can maintain your printers to save you money in the long run. Postponing any panic over buying a new one!

Keep it Clean

If it’s not caused by a low ink level, poor print outs usually mean that cleaning is needed. You can prevent clogged-up inkjet printers by doing at least one print a week. This helps reduce the chances of the ink drying up in the cartridge and you wasting your money buying a new one. Laser printers will have options in their setting to run a cleaning cycle.

Choose the Right Paper

Poor quality is noticeable. There is a huge range of good quality paper out there for every budget, you will find an instant difference!

Help your Printers!

Get Rid of the Dust

A build-up of dust can cause paper jams (which are always fun) and smudged print-outs. This is easily reduced by the use of a dust-cover, and you can wipe clean many parts of the printer yourself (be careful with this and double check with your manufacturer which parts you can manually clean – they are all different). Try not to use the air-sprays as you’ll just be moving the dust around and not actually removing it.

Choose your Cartridges Wisely

We love remanufactured, compatible AND original cartridges equally. Different ones suit difference people. However, when buying remanufactured or compatible cartridges, find out as much as you can about the quality before your buy. Look for reviews. Does the seller guarantee a refund or replacement if they go wrong (by the way, we do!)? Cheap, dodgy cartridges can mess up your printer and your prints.

Buy a Maintenance Kit

Aimed at those with laser printers, these kits can include various products, depending on the brand and model. Often included in them are cleaning supplies and easy-to-change printer parts that are the cause of irritating problems when they get old (such as paper jams). Your control panel will normally display a maintenance message, suggesting it needs a replacement.


It’s easy to get annoyed with a printer that doesn’t want to comply (going back to those paper jams….) but if you’re faced with an error message, take a look in the printer manual and it’s likely you’ll find a way to solve your problem quickly without damaging the rest of the printer or causing future problems!

Got any other tips? Drop us an email to to tell us, and we may add it to our next post!

10 Cost Saving Tips for Printers!

Concita’s 10 Cost Saving Tips to Keep your Printing Expenses Down!


Money Saving Tips

Everyone knows how pricey running your printer can be. With this in mind we have created a list of things you can do to keep your ink or toner cartridges lasting longer!

1) Try compatible cartridges.

They are available for a huge range of ink and toner cartridges AND will save you a large amount of money. All our compatible cartridges are 100% guaranteed – if you dont like them, we’ll take them back, with no quibbles!

2) Reduce bold text and images.

Every time you increase the font size, bold your text or add an image of any size you reduce your cartridge life. Your cartridge expected life (usually printed on the box) is based on 5% coverage of an A4 page. As soon as you add images and bold your font making it a lot thicker, you could easily use 30% coverage without even realising!

3) Do you need everything in colour?

Almost all printers have a “mono only” print option which is just black and white printing, even if your screen shows colour. If colour isnt important for your everyday printing then try using this mono only option, so your colour lasts longer – you can always turn on the colour printing when you need it.

4) Run you printer once a week.

A very common problem we hear about are inkjet printers not working anymore due to being unused for months. This either dries out the printing heads or can make printing quality very poor and blotchy. Running your printer at least once a week will keep the print nozzles clear and should prevent drying up.

4) Don’t be fooled by cheap printers.

Many people jump at the chance to buy an All-in-One printer from their local supermarket on offer for ÂŁ20 – don’t! Check first which inks the printer uses and the cost of them. Feel free to give us a call to ask about the ink prices and efficiency. If it’s out of working hours then get an idea from the prices the supermarket/shop is charging themselves for those cartridges and look at the number of pages they print (based on 5% coverage). You may find that the inks will cost you nearly double the price of the printer! Quite often, its worth paying a bit more for your printer and a lot less for the cartridges!

5) Use the correct paper settings.

When printing on specialised paper it’s important to change the paper settings in your printer options. Without telling the printer you are using glossy photo paper or matte paper etc it’s common that the image or text will be streaky, patchy or smudged. This wastes a huge amount of ink and paper and most of the time all you need to do is change the settings!

Save Money

Save money!

6) Purchase high capacity cartridges.

A lot of printers take standard and high capacity ink or toner cartridges. High capacity simply means the cartridge holds more ink inside than the low capacity one and it normally better value for money, keeping the cost per page down.

7) Look out for twin packs or value packs.

Many brands offer a value pack including one of each colour or a twin pack offering two of the same cartridge. You can save quite a lot buying cartridges this way.

8) Toner empty? Give it a shake!

When your printers tells you your toner is empty or is printing very faint colour you can try carefully removing the toner from the printer and shaking it from side to side. Toner is a powder that liquifies with movement which is why shaking it can help. It doesnt work with every printer but from our own experience, we used to get an extra 500 pages from our OKI toners by doing this! BE CAREFULL – Toner powder is highly carcinogenic. Shake gently and ideally over a towel incase of any small spills. It is rare that toner spills out when doing this but protect yourself anyway.

9) Empty your waste toner yourself!

Some laser printers have a waste toner bottle/part that collects…waste toner! This will eventually become full and need replacing. Waste toners are consumables and we do sell them however its not always necessary to buy them. Some waste toner you can simply remove from the printer, hold them deep into a bin liner and away from you and gently shake the toner out of the unit. It doesnt have to be empty to work again, just replace when you have removed what you wish to and it should continue to work. If it doesnt, you have been unlucky and will need to buy a new one. If it does, you could have saved yourselve from ÂŁ7-ÂŁ100 (depending on machine model). BE CAREFUL – As mentioned in point 8 toner powder is carcinogenic and you should always protect yourself when dealing with toner powder.

10) Head clean your inks.

Some people never have any problems with their inkjet printers but the nozzles can become slightly blocked over time. Should they block up you’ll find you need to run a head clean option on them so many times to unblock the heads, you could easily go through a complete set of inks doing so! Head cleaning does use ink however I simply suggest doing a head clean once every few months, or if you use your printer a lot, every 3-4 sets of inks. This should keep the nozzles block free and reduce blockage problems in the future.


If you have any cost saving tips you would like to tell us about, email us and you may find you’re helpful tip on here shortly afterwards!


DISCLAIMER: All points mentioned above are simply suggestions and we do not guarentee any results. All tips are taken at your own risk, we will not be responsible for any adverse effects that that may relate to the suggestion.

Desk Fans – THE Essential Summer Purchase

Desk Fans on Sale Now!

The summer is finally here (hooray!) and for those of you that work in offices, you’ll know how warm it can get sitting indoors 8 hours a day – which is why we’re reminding you about that essential summer purchase, the office fans! The demand was high last summer, and we really don’t want to leave you to sit in a stuffy office so get yourselves prepared!

3-Speed Desk Fan with 90Âş Oscillation

3-Speed Desk Fan

Browse our range here, we sell floor-standing fans too to suit every workspace.

To find out how to open up a business account and place your first order, you can contact our team on 020 8905 1707 or emailing, you’ll see it’s very simple.


School Exercise books sold here!

We have been supplying Rhino branded school exercise books for the last 3 years now and hopefully many more to come! Our range is expanding even further with more colours and layout options too.

School Exercise Books

School Exercise Books

Have a look at our exercise book brochure to see the vast range. EXERCISE BOOK BROCHURE

Should you require a quote for your requirements, send it in to

PLEASE NOTE: Our minimum order for ALL exercise book orders now is ÂŁ250 ex VAT.

DELIVERY: Delivery on exercise book orders is free when you spend ÂŁ300 ex VAT. Otherwise its ÂŁ10 ex VAT. Delivery is normally made within 7-10 days of placing your order.

Our Freephone lines have been down…..

….but they’re up again now!

If you have tried to call us in the last couple of days on our Freephone number 0800 612 0876 you may have been confused by the “unrecognised” response you got! This may have applied to our fax line too.


We apologise for this, the problem has now been fixed and all numbers and back up and running!


We haven’t gone anywhere!!! 🙂

Now Stockists of LAMY Safari Fountain Pens!


Lamy Safari Fountain Pens – they’re finally here!!

Hooray! We’re now stockists of the Lamy Safari Fountain Pens, which is a Lamy bestseller for both students and professionals. They come in a variety of colours to suit the writers personality – from pink to black!


Lamy Safari Fountain Pens


Made from a sturdy plastic with a distinctive recessed grip for writing comfort, with a steel nib and metal clip. The cartridges also come in equally as bright colours: violet, black, red, blue-black, turquoise and green!

If you’re not already familiar with our account and delivery options, you can email for more information.

Have a browse!


OFFICIAL HP INK & TONER INCREASE – from Monday 2nd March

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Hewlett Packard have announced yet another increase across all ink and toner cartridges of between 4-7%.

This increase will take affect from Monday 2nd March

Please note that any price lists already issued from us to cover this period may be affected by the change. We will endeavour to commit to the prices we have stated however in some cases this may not be possible.

With this increase in mind, it’s worth you considering remanufactured cartridges instead, as the prices either stay the same or decrease!

Call 0800 612 0876 and ask for Ann or Billie for pricing!

HP 364 Value Pack is being discontinued…


HP 364 Value Pack is discontinued!

HP 364 Value Pack is discontinued!


We had news yesterday that the Hewlett Packard no.364 and 364XL Value Packs are being discontinued effective immediately.

None of our suppliers are getting anymore stock in and are selling off what they do have so now is your last chance to buy them!

To order these now click here

To order the 364XL value pack click here



We have just found out today the above items are being replaced, for the exact same items as before, only the box will include paper and 5 envelopes also. We don’t have pricing on the replacement items yet so are unsure if the prices will be effected yet. We will post again when the new inks become available.