School exercise books – available to order now!

……chop chop!

Orders have been coming in thick and fast for these which is great however the closer you get to the school holidays – the longer it takes for us to deliver! This is purely due to the volume of orders taken around this time of year.

Not compiled a list yet? Make that your number one thing to do – send the list to and she’ll get back to you straight away with a quote for your requirements!

Delivery is free on exercise book orders over £300 ex VAT, under this we have to charge £10 ex VAT due to the weight of the items.



school exercise books

Stock up on OKI – there are some major shortages across some of their most popular toners


Give us a call now for your OKI toner order as there are many lines going into short supply. This will not only increase prices but if you can’t source the toners…you can’t print!!

Obviously most the time you have the option of the compatible toners to consider but on more recently released printers they may not be available yet.

Something to consider!

Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges…another price increase!

We had news last week that Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges (not toners) are going to increase by approximately 4% very soon. We were told it would happen on Thursday last week but as yet we haven’t seen the dramatic rise in our cost prices.

Getting tired of hearing the same thing all the time? So are we! We don’t increase any of our prices until our cost price increase is significant that we have to pass it on to you.


There are plenty of ways to reduce your spend on original cartridges by simply buying value packs or upgrading to “high capacity” cartridges which hold more ink. The ultimate way to cut costs is to try using remanufactured cartridges but for those who don’t want to…visit cost saving tips section of our website and have a read!!

Save Money

Cost Saving Tips

We now stock all new Epson compatible ink cartridges!


Jet Tec 18XL ink cartridges

Jet Tec is one of the brands we stock!


Epson have released a wide range of new printers this year that all use brand new cartridges too.

This means whatever printer you had before wont use the same ink as the new printer.

We now stock all Epson 18XL , 26XL and 16XL compatible cartridges so you don’t have to stress over paying the original Epson prices anymore (due to increase soon too!).


Lexmark to increase ink & toner prices from TODAY!

We don’t like to be the barer of bad news but it’s happened again!

Lexmark ink and toner have increased from between 3-5% across their whole range.

The good news is while we have good stock of their products we can offer you normal prices probably until next week when new stock comes in.

Give us a call or email to order now. Sooner the better!

HP Toner Cashback – Make your claim NOW!

Claim up to £155 per toner set!

You still have until 28th February to order toners included in the cashback deal!

As long as you order the right quantities required, and are invoiced by 28th February, you can claim up to 5 lots of cashback from HP! Plenty of customers have done this before and enjoyed the rewards within a month of claiming!

You can claim your cashback within 30days of purchase, but the purchase must be invoiced by 28/02/13.

Click here to see the cashback that might be available to you!

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Mediasciences and Katun offer a brilliant alternative to original toners

If you haven’t heard of MediaSciences or Katun before now, listen up as they could be your next big business saving!

They product new build OKI toners and XEROX wax sticks and offer a large range of HP, Dell, Brother, Konica Minolta, Epson and Samsung toners that are excellent quality alternative to the original products and will save you at least 20% on the price!

Katun don’t release a product until they have matched it up the quality of the original, even down to the toner particals! You will pay more for them than you would a basic remanufactured toner as they are a premium product but if you have had issues with normal, cheaper remanufactured toners before, these are worth a go!

Talk to us about a free sample set for your printer. Due to the time it takes to produce such quality products, Katun and Mediasciences dont have a toner available for every machine on the market, but they do have a good range so talk to us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

CASHBACK to look out for!

Did you know that cashback is available on some toner cartridges  and printers randomly throughout the year?

There is none available at the moment, but HP have just finished a 2 month cashback scheme where you could clain up to £155.00 cashback per set (up to 5 sets!)

Brother often have printer deals whereby you can claim a free toner cartridge or a free 3 year warranty when you buy a new printer.

If you would like to be kept up to date, or need to place an order, check with us first to see what might be available!

0800 612 0876

Hewlett Packard price increase on all ink and toner cartridges in Feb!

Honestly, i am not a parrot…this has actually happened again!

HP have withdrawn a rebate they give to distributors from 1st Feb which was between 2-3% which mean prices will increase on all HP original products!

If the cost of these is getting a bit much for your accounts, why not try the remanufactured ink/toner option? If you are unsure about them, or have had a bad experience before, call us and we’ll find another option for you! We’re not going to try and sell you something we don’t think will work!

0800 612 0876 – ask for Ann!

We’ll keep you updated of any cashback of offers on HP toner available!