Free Recycling Service


Free ink and toner recycling service

Since February 2014, we have offered a completely free ink and toner recycling service to all schools and businesses, whether you are a customer already or not! Did you know that cartridges can be recycled up to six times? Using our free recycling service is not only incredibly easy, but a great environmentally-friendly way to run the printers in your office or school.

How does this free ink and toner recycling service actually work?

In Simple Terms:

You tell us how many boxes you want – we send them to you – you call us when they’re full – then we collect and replace it with an empty one!

In more detail:
  • Contact Ann on 020 8905 1707 or ready with the following information: the school/company name, address, your name and contact number – plus how many boxes you would like delivered.
  • We will get the flat pack boxes delivered within 5 days.
  • Fill them up with your empty ink, toner and copier cartridges
  • Give us a ring when it’s full.
  • We will arrange collection of the box(es) and replace them all within 2 days.

How big is the box?

The box is approximately 54cm tall x 42cm x 39cm

You might need a couple of them if you use a lot of toner, but only one if you use as many ink cartridges!

What will it cost me?

Absolutely nothing! It’s a completely free service, to encourage recycling of the materials that are so often thrown away. You are not required to purchase from us (although it would be lovely if you did!) and it takes no more than an email to get the box ordered for you.

The link below will show you the mailshot we sent out last February advertising the new service. Feel free to print and fax the form to us and we will set you started:




From March 2015 we were advised by our recycling provider that we can only allow bins to be sent to schools and business that use some original inks/toners. This makes the costs involved in offering the services worth it as our suppliers can use these empty original cartridges to make high quality compatible toners and regain some of the costs. Please only apply for a bin if you are able to do this.