Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges…another price increase!

We had news last week that Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges (not toners) are going to increase by approximately 4% very soon. We were told it would happen on Thursday last week but as yet we haven’t seen the dramatic rise in our cost prices.

Getting tired of hearing the same thing all the time? So are we! We don’t increase any of our prices until our cost price increase¬†is significant that we have to pass it on to you.


There are plenty of ways to reduce your spend on original cartridges by simply buying value packs or upgrading to “high capacity” cartridges which hold more ink. The ultimate way to cut costs is to try using remanufactured cartridges but for those who don’t want to…visit cost saving tips¬†section of our website and have a read!!

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